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Mùpǔ Living Flat Pack Furniture: 

Mùpǔ (木朴) –  made up of two Chinese Characters.

Mù (木) – Wood

Pǔ (朴) – Simple, solid, compact, humble.

Mùpǔ (木朴) means: Simple, straight forward, humble (質直、朴實). This is the essence of our brand.

To keep up with a fast-paced, ever changing era; adaptability and flexibility has become the key of life. Mùpǔ Living furniture flat pack collection is designed to allow simple, yet, sustainable and quality living.

Mùpǔ furniture is made from Birch plywood and Cork leather. The materials are natural and renewable, an environmental friendly way we adopt.

Our flat-pack minimalist designs are simple to assemble, easy to transport and compact for storage; offering maximum convenience, flexible and functionality. Ideal for city living. 

We are environmentally conscious. We source and use sustainable materials to build our furniture; minimize the use of plastic, packaging and waste. Our flat-pack range is locally designed and manufactured, and local transport allows a minimum carbon footprint. It is our goal to support and partner with local businesses and boost local employment.

Why Mùpǔ? To know more about Mùpǔ – Click here.

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