Why Mùpǔ

Sustainable – Mùpǔ furniture is built to last. We source and use natural and renewable materials – Birch plywood and Cork leather to build our furniture; an environmental friendly way we adopt.

Convenience – Our flat-pack minimalistic design is simple to assemble, easy to transport and compact for storage; it offers maximum convenience, flexible and functionality. It can fit in elevators, pass through doors and be carried easily up and down stairs. Each piece is designed to ensure moderate weight, yet heavy-duty durability.

Excellence – We pursue excellence in engineering, style and craftsmanship. Every piece of furniture is thoughtfully designed and shaped to achieve structural integrity. We apply metal lock systems to ensure extra strength and sturdiness.

Support Local – Mùpǔ Living furniture is locally designed and manufactured, we support and partner with local businesses and boost local employment.

Our choice of eco-friendly materials – Birch Plywood & Cork Leather – click here to find out more!! 

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