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Mùpǔ Living Flat Pack Furniture: 

Mùpǔ Living’s minimalist, flat-pack furniture collection was created to enhance the quality and beauty of living spaces. Inspired by the tiny-house movement, minimalism and sustainable living, we believe there is beauty in simplicity and luxury in sustainability, which is reflected in our designs.

Mùpǔ (木朴) –  made up of two Chinese Characters. Mù (木) – Wood. Pǔ (朴) – Simple, solid, compact, humble.

Mùpǔ (木朴) means: Simple, straight forward, humble (質直、朴實). This is the essence of our brand.

Mùpǔ Living’s flat-pack furniture collection is made up of original designs that have been brought to life through sophisticated engineering. Our pieces are created for quick and simple assembly, are easy to transport and compact enough for effortless storage. Mùpǔ Living furniture offers maximum convenience, flexible and functionality. Ideal for city living.

Our aim is to provide excellence in engineering, style and craftsmanship. Every piece of furniture is thoughtfully designed and shaped for structural integrity.

We are environmentally conscious. We use Birch Plywood and Cork Leather to build our furniture. These sustainable materials are natural and renewable, as well as durable, creating high-quality and long-lasting furniture. In addition, the unique, neutral colour and pattern of Birch Plywood and Cork Leather gives a harmonious and timeless style to the furniture.

We support local. We are an all-women business based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our furniture is locally designed and manufactured, we support and partner with local businesses and boost local employment.

We also have workshop in Hong Kong.

Learn more about what we do! Click to check out Mùpǔ Projects. 

Why Mùpǔ? To know more about Mùpǔ Living Furniture – Click here.

We use eco-friendly material – Birch Plywood and Cork Leather – Click to find out more! 

Mùpǔ Living Furniture 木朴扁平包裝傢具:

Mùpǔ (木朴) – 木朴的由來- 木朴由兩個漢字組成。

Mù (木) – 木

Pǔ (朴) – 簡單、堅實、緊湊、謙遜。

Mùpǔ (木朴) 的意思是: 質直、樸實、謙遜。這就是我們的品牌精髓。


Mùpǔ 傢具選擇使用樺木膠合板和軟木皮革來製作傢具。這些材料天然可再生,環保耐用。



我們支持本地創作和生產 – 我們的傢具在本地設計和製造,我們支持本地企業並與之合作,促進本地就業。

Mùpǔ 傢具在開普敦和香港設有工作室。

了解更多我們的工作與設計!點擊查看 Mùpǔ 項目。

為什麼選擇 Mùpǔ?請點擊了解更多有關Mùpǔ生活傢具的信息。

我們使用環保材料 – 點擊了解更多環保材料 – 樺木膠合板和軟木皮

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