Mùpǔ Steadmans Table

Flat Pack Birch Plywood Table – made to order


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The Mùpǔ flat pack Birch plywood Steadmans Table is suitable for both work and dining. The crafted minimalist furniture goes with any interior styles. You can use the Steadmans Table to upgrade your dining room, or to build a functional office space. It also matches beautifully with the Steadmans Bench and the Rupping Chair to create an ideal simple living.

The Mùpǔ flat pack table is designed to ensure maximise leg space and sturdiness. The Steadmans Table is a combination of style, comfort and quality living.

You have the option to add the Cork Leather to the table top. And you can add the cable channels, the cable channels allow cables to go through the table neatly and keep your cables organized.

The Steadmans Table applied a metal concealed and cross dowel lock system in the flat pack design; the systems give extra strength to the furniture structure. Moreover, it is to ensure quick and easy assembly and disassembly. A water-based clear sealer is applied on the surfaces; it provides a heat and water resistant surface. The sealer is an environmentally friendly product; it is VOC free, safe and non-toxic to handle.

The 130cm Steadmans Table can seat 4 persons.

The 150cm Steadmans Table can comfortably seat 4 persons.

The 160cm Steadmans Table can comfortably seat 6 persons.

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Weight 20 kg

Birch Plywood


130cm / 150cm / 160cm


76cm / 80cm




Concealed Lock System x 10, Cross Dowel Lock System x 8, Allen Key x 1

Table Top Finish

Clear Varnish, Cork Leather Ripple, Cork Leather Fractal

Sustainable Material

We use sustainable material to build our furniture!

Birch Plywood – The Birch tree is an abundant, fast-growing species; Birch Plywood is an excellent natural and renewable resource.
Birch Plywood is highly engineered, it offers high strength, durability and it has excellent structural properties. Birch Plywood has become widely favorable in architectural and interior design. It can handle heavy loads, withstand high impact, it is also known by its superior stability, making it an excellent choice for quality furniture building.

Cork Leather – Cork leather is a vegan and eco-friendly fabric. Cork is a naturally harvested and renewable material. It has a small environmental footprint. It is a wonderful alternative to animal leather and dyed fabric.
Cork Leather’s advantageous qualities are its extreme lightness and softness. It is water and stain resistance. Cork’s natural honeycomb structure is highly resistant, making it a durable fabric, ideal for upholstery.
A Cork Tree has an average lifespan of 200 years. The process of harvesting is only repeated every 9 years. Every single tree can be harvest for multiple generations.

It is easy to clean – simply wipe with water and mild soap.

Why Mùpǔ

Sustainable – Mùpǔ flat pack furniture is built to last. We use natural and renewable material to build our furniture. We minimize the use of plastic, packaging and waste. The flat pack design allows easy transportation, therefore reduces carbon footprint on the environment.

Convenience – Our flat pack minimalist design is simple to assemble, easy-to-transport and compact for storage. It offers maximum convenience, flexibility and functionality.

Excellence – We pursue excellence in engineering, style and craftsmanship. Each design is thoughtfully shaped to satisfy good structural integrity and yet, maintain the beauty of its simplicity.

Support Local – Mùpǔ furniture is locally designed and made. Our production involve delicate handcrafted work. We support local suppliers and boost local employment.

Order and Delivery

Made to Order: 5 – 6 weeks

Delivery: 2 – 5 working days.

In Stock Product: 2 – 5 working days to be dispatched.

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