Why Mùpǔ - 選擇木朴傢具

Sustainable – Mùpǔ furniture is built to last. We source and use natural and renewable materials – Birch plywood and Cork leather to build our furniture; an environmental friendly way we adopt.

Convenience – Our flat-pack minimalistic design is simple to assemble, easy to transport and compact for storage; it offers maximum convenience, flexible and functionality. It can fit in elevators, pass through doors and be carried easily up and down stairs. Each piece is designed to ensure moderate weight, yet heavy-duty durability.

Excellence – We pursue excellence in engineering, style and craftsmanship. Every piece of furniture is thoughtfully designed and shaped to achieve structural integrity. We apply metal lock systems to ensure extra strength and sturdiness.

Support Local – Mùpǔ Living furniture is locally designed and manufactured, we support and partner with local businesses and boost local employment.

Our choice of eco-friendly materials – Birch Plywood & Cork Leather – click here to find out more!! 


環保 – Mùpǔ 傢具是一家注重環保的公司。 我們選擇使用天然可再生的優質材料 – 樺木膠合板和軟木皮革來製作傢具。Mùpǔ傢具設計穩固耐用,款式設計簡約,不受時間影響,不過時。 我們的目標是每件傢具都能永久使用。避免不必要的浪費。

方便 – 我們的扁平包裝簡約設計,組裝簡單,運輸方便,體積小巧,便於儲存;為顧客生活帶來更多靈活性,更大的方便。它可以放進電梯,穿過大門,也可以輕鬆攜帶上下樓梯。每件物品的設計都確保重量適中,堅固耐用。

精益求精 – 我們在工程設計、款式和工藝方面追求卓越。每件傢具的設計和造型都經過深思熟慮,以實現結構的完整性,堅固耐用。我們採用金屬鎖系統,以確傢具的強度和穩固性。

支持香港本地創作,製造 – Mùpǔ Living 的傢具都是香港本地設計和製造,我們支持本地企業並與之合作,促進本地就業。


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