Sustainable Material - 環保木材

Birch Plywood – We use Birch Plywood for our locally manufactured products. Birch plywood offers high strength, durability and it has excellent structural properties. Birch Plywood has become widely favourable in architectural and interior design.

The Birch tree is an abundant, fast-growing species. It is a natural and renewable resource.

Birch plywood is highly engineered, it offers superior stability. Birch plywood can handle heavy loads and high impact; therefore, it is an excellent choice for quality furniture building. 

A water-based clear sealer is applied on the surfaces. The finishing provides a heat and water resistant surface. The sealer is an environmentally friendly product. It is VOC free, safe and non-toxic to handle.


環保木材 – 樺木合板


樺木合板 – 樺樹是一種資源豐富、生長迅速的樹種;樺木是優質的天然可再生資源。

樺木合板製作技術精湛,在建築和室內設計中廣受歡迎。樺木合板擁有高強度、耐用的特性,能承受重負荷、高衝擊,不易損毀, 不易變形, 是製造優質傢具的絕佳選擇。

Cork Leather – Cork is a vegan and eco-friendly fabric.

Cork Leather is a naturally harvested and sustainable material. It has small environmental footprint, therefore, it is a wonderful alternative to animal leather and dyed fabric.

Cork Leather is extremely light and soft. It is water and stain resistance. The natural honeycomb structure of Cork Leather makes it a resistant and durable fabric; ideal to use for upholstery.

Cork Leather is a natural renewable resource. A Cork Tree has an average lifespan of 200 years and the process of harvesting is only repeated every 9 years. Every single tree can be harvested by farmers for multiple generations.

It is easy to clean – simply wipe with water and soap.

More about the sustainable Cork Leather.


環保木材 – 軟木皮革

軟木皮革是一種天然再生環保材料, 純素皮革。

軟木皮革的優點是極輕極軟, 防水防污。軟木皮革制作過程比一般的動物皮革和染色織物環保。軟木的天然蜂窩結構赋予了軟木皮革耐用的特質,是室內裝飾的理想材料。

軟木樹的平均壽命為 200 年。採摘過程每 9 年才重複一次。農夫耕種的每一棵樹都可以生產,收穫多代。



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